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Procedure, personal attention and follow up

The procedure of Aalse & Partners is aimed at finding the correct match for its clients. On the basis of a thorough orientation on the current problems and requirements of your company we will set up a search profile and a plan on how to approach candidates, how to organize the pre-selection, the CV presentation, and the application rounds. During the whole trajectory Aalse & Partners is your contact and intermediary between you, as the principal, and the candidates. Moreover, you can appeal to us as a consultant and sounding board. You will get your own consultant as your contact during the implementation of the whole trajectory. Aalse & Partners will continue its search until you are satisfied with the candidates that have been selected. After each successful search, we offer as a fixed component of the search trajectory three coaching or sounding board sessions during the candidate’s first period in the new organization. In this way your top talent – like the top sportsman – will get the opportunity to reflect with a personal coach on how he is functioning in the new environment. Coaching and sounding board sessions are offered both individually and in an intervision form.
There is also an evaluation with the client and the candidate six months after the candidate is appointed. For Aalse & Partners the search trajectory will only then be finalized.
Penny Hagenaars